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Bent Leg Stirrups

Price: 6.99 Ex. VAT
Product ID:
Horsing Around
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Product information

Julip scale Bent Leg Stirrups (set of 2) with resin treads designed by Horsing Around. These beautifully designed stirrups have been cast in pewter and measure 12.3 mm (0.48") wide and 14.6 mm (0.58") tall.

Just select the colour tread and style you want to come with your Bent Leg Stirrup from the drop down list. If you want an extra set of Bent Leg Stirrup treads at £2.00 ex VAT please select these from the second down list.

Check the extra photos and see our bent leg stirrups being used on tack produced by Joleas Tack Studio. Thank you Jolea for allowing us to share your work with our customers.

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