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CMG Tirion

Price: 265.00 Ex. VAT
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Fine Bone China
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Product information

Tirion, Welsh Mountain (Section A) Stallion sculpted by Tina Johnson. He is 3.5 inches (8.9 cm) in height and produced in fine bone china by The Horse Gallery as part of their Collector's Range.

This little guy has been so popular in resin, and the china pieces we released for sale at Christmas previous years sold straight away.Each Tirion is a custom colour.

This one is an intricate tri colour leopard appaloosa. He is packed full of detail with halos to his appaloosa spots, mottling, striped hooves and mixed colour mane and tail, all this finished off perfectly with a gloss glaze. This colouring makes a perfect part bred, or British Spotted Pony.

Something very different for the show ring.

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