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CMG European Draft

Price: 849.00 Ex. VAT
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Fine Bone China
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Product information

European Draft stallion on plinth sculpted by Brigitte Eberl. He stands 12.0 inches (30.0 cm) tall on a fine bone china plinth inset into a mahogany wooden base and produced in fine bone china by The Horse Gallery as part of their Connoisseur Range.

These are now usually only produced in an original finish dapple chestnut colour. If you missed out on a custom painted version of this guy then don't miss out on this one! This one has been custom glazed to a stunning bay roan sabino. He is packed full of detail from his intricate brush stoke roaning, lots of rich shading, frosting to the top of his tail, highly detailed striped hooves with silver shoes and don't forgot those kissy spots to his nose!

He is a gloss finish which compliments this colouring perfectly.

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